The Administration Department is comprised of dedicated and talented staff that handles convocation program production,
delegate registrations, church reporting, and credentials processing and renewals.  To reach the Administration Department,
please contact us through our organization e-mail account:

During the 2004 International Holy Convocation, the Board of Pastors unanimously agreed and passed the resolution that beginning
September 1, 2004, each member of each member church would be asked to voluntarily donate monthly to help fund the organization.
The allocation of funds will be as follows: 10%-Foreign Missions, 10%-Education/Scholarship Book Fund, 20%-Home Missions,
20%-Travel, 20%-Investment, and 20%-Operations. The monthly dues would replace and eliminate all other fees such as the
credentials, registration, and membership fees that are usually collected for each convocation.

For each Pastor and Elder, a membership dues of $50 per year was agreed upon and is requested.  All other local church members
(ages 16 years and older) are asked to provide a $2 monthly membership dues.  Those younger than 16 years of age are exempt unless
they desire to participate in order to help support the organization; and in such cases, a $1 monthly membership dues would be
recommended, if affordable.  All membership dues should be given to your local church, then your local church would in turn send in
one church check monthly for the total amount collected for that particular month to the headquarter church for recording and
depositing into the organization account.

Each pastor is asked to appoint someone in their local assembly who would be responsible for collecting and maintaining a list each
month of those who turn in their membership dues.  A form that can be used to track those who provide their monthly membership
dues is available on the FORMS page.   Please contact your local pastor for further information.
Elder David Gillispie (MD)
Meeting Services
Sister Angela Gillispie (MD)
Finance Services
Brother Lawrence Satchell (MD)
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